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Karl von Drais – Your Premium Bike Shop in Frankfurt

Karl von Drais is your high-end bicycle shop in Frankfurt.

Karl von Drais – Your Premium Bike Shop in Frankfurt

Are you looking for the right two-wheeled companion for your daily ride in Frankfurt? At Karl von Drais we have made it our mission to offer you the most sufficient range of exclusive bicycles and ideal equipment.

Nowadays, the bike industry is rather complicated: the abundance of models and brands, the differences in quality and price as well as the variation in comfort and gear. Shopping exclusively online offers little help in finding the bicycle that is most suitable to your preferences. That is why Karl von Drais presents you a spacious 350 square meter big showroom, where you can gather a personal impression of a great variety of exceptional bikes handpicked by our experienced crew. Are you a newcomer to the cycling world, a business commuter, or a seasoned professional? Our diverse range offers two-wheelers and accessories for all realities.

  • You’re the adventurous type? Explore demanding terrains with an electric Haibike.
  • You like it fast yet sophisticated? Try our classy looking high performance BH Bikes.
  • How about a sporty and minimalistic model? Urwahn-Bikes are perfect for daily use in the city.

If you have trouble deciding which model fits your standards best, we offer competent and extensive guidance. Our staff of passionate cyclists happily consults you, in English or in German. In case you find a model that sparks your interest, we grant you a test ride. How else are you supposed to know for sure whether you have found “the one”? After all, you need to sit and feel for yourself whether it is the bike of your dreams.

How about a test-ride?

Karl von Drais in Frankfurt is your expert bike shop – we repair your bike masterfully

Your bicycle has served you dutifully but is now damaged or has a serious blemish? At our 150 square meter big bicycle store we have all the right utensils and expertise to repair you bike asap. Our exquisite all-round premium service includes:

  • a comprehensive inspection
  • a proper bike-wash
  • all sorts of e-bike services
  • the assemblage of replacement parts or extra-equipment

In case you are short in time, our mobile home-check service comes directly to your house or office in Frankfurt and takes a closer look at your bike. This testifies to our shop’s exceptional services and our dedication to the cycling community.

We repair your bike at our huge and well-equipped shop in Frankfurt.

No matter which brand or where you purchased it, we are specialised in the repairment of most bikes. You can rely on our skilled mechanics. We promise you professional and extensive yet quick help – at great-value prices. Therefore, if you urgently need help, comfortably book your service appointment either via phone, E-Mail or online on our website. There is a great multitude of possible service-times, so you may choose the one that works best for you. In detail, we take care of:

  • brake damages
  • circuit problems
  • chain dilemmas
  • busted inner tubes
  • defective lighting
  • conception of a particular fault analysis
  • … and so much more!

Your bike is currently in our Check-Up? How about you spend your time waiting in our café? The Velory Coffee Shop has a large selection of coffee specialties and refreshing drinks. Also, savour our tasty homemade cakes or yummy bagels! You can grab your lunch here, too. There are options for everyone – vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian. Side fact: All our delicacies are made from regional ingredients. Hence, while we mind your bike, you may mind your plate in our store’s café in Frankfurt.

Spend your time in our in-store coffee shop in Frankfurt while we repair you bike.